The UPauthors Awards Are Back!

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Can you judge a book by its cover?

Many authors do not realize the importance of an enticing book cover. After all, if first impression is everything, then that definitely applies to your book. After hours of writing your masterpiece, doesn't it deserve a stellar appearance to catch the eye of a potential reader? I think so, that's why I've included a few tips for all you authors to consider. First, the title of the book needs to be a legible, clean and an easy to read font … [Read more...]

How Can a Web Professional Help an Author?

How can a web developer help an author? An average author will probably have a basic website, social media, and a marketing campaign. However, most authors need to improve specific areas of web development to increase book sales and readership. Web developers will integrate everything together on your website, whether is it syncing applications or linking websites to one another to increase SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) Web developers … [Read more...]

Best Book Description

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Best First Line

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