Author Success vs Failure

Here is something to remember, “Authors that have been rejected are simply trying to compete on a higher level.” Think about how important that statement is, because it may define your career as an author.

For example. If you just finished your first book, then you show some of your family and friends that book, and the feedback is positive, you have succeeded on a lower level of being an author. Nothing wrong with that.

Maybe you decide to send that book to agents and publishers. Then you received several rejections. Is that disappointing? Sure it is. But you are trying to compete on a higher level, so the odds of success were much more difficult than when you were competing on that lower level when showing your book to family and friends.

Let’s say you self-published a book, but you feel the sales are low. Ask yourself this, “How many sales did I expect to receive on my first attempt at selling a book?” (Stop, take a breath, then ask that question again, because you need to hear yourself. “How many sales did I expect to receive on my first attempt at selling a book?”)

It is common for a new author to sell only five to ten books. That result is a failure, but only if you were expecting to compete on a level to sell five hundred books. On the other hand, if you are satisfied that someone actually gave you money for your book, then you successfully competed on that level of thinking. You are on your way!

Maybe on your next book you sell fifty copies. Then on the next book, you sell a hundred. Success versus failure will depend on your level of thinking.

Authors that fail, attempt to make shortcuts and compete on a level that they never should have been on in the first place. Successful authors improve…one level at a time.

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