Author Marketing Plan: Month 6

MCS Blog 2What’s new this month? Creating a professional logo! Make sure you review the previous 5 months so that you fully understand why this marketing plan is the best that you’ll ever need.

By now you have massive amounts of information and several lists going, especially if you’re using everything that’s available to you. Keep accurate logs and stay aggressive. This is the point where most authors start getting lazy and put off their to-do list. If you want to succeed, keep going!

Budget: $40-$250

To-Do: (Optional) Create a professional logo.

All businesses have a logo that they brand to their target audience. Why should authors be any different? Your logo can be used on your website, future marketing materials, and on your books. When people see it, they will think of you!

For a professional logo, check out Brand Eleven Eleven. You can email them ideas and they will turn your logo into something amazing. Visit

To-Do: Research the 5 cities that you received from MCS.

Continue to research cities that are sent to you from MCS so that you can market, promote, and sell books in the most ideal areas. By this point you have a big enough list to keep you busy while growing interest around the country.

Don’t forget about the local coffee shops and specialty stores. Also, if there’s a local musician that tours clubs and bars, you might want to consider teaming up and working out some sort of win/win deal to promote each other.

Perhaps another idea is a soundtrack based on your book that you can sell together and split the profits.

To-Do: Research the bookstores that you received from MCS.

Getting your eBook on the website of a hundred bookstores is very possible at this point, especially since you’re targeting bookstores that fit with your audience.

To-Do: (Optional) Submit another book for film or television adaptation review.

Continue sending books to Brand Eleven Eleven, which hopefully will be sent to MCS in Los Angeles for film adaptation.

To-Do: Mail postcards to places in your targeted cities.

Research the contact information on all literacy groups located in your target cities. Get your Book Kit into their hands.

To-Do: Send Book Kits to five groups.

I know an author that made a living just selling to Rotary Clubs. There are one to five Rotary Clubs in each of your targeted cities that you can send a Book Kit, or at least a postcard.

To-Do: (Optional) Send postcards and Book Kits based on the Book Club Package at MCS.

The good news is that your Book Kit will impress the leader of a book club and create something interactive for the members. This will separate you from other authors.

To-Do: (Optional) Send out postcards based on the information from the Things To Do Package at MCS.

Considering teaming up with a sales rep. He/She can sell your books to stores in your targeted cities and split the royalty with you. Do not pay anyone to do this, but rather let them earn on commission. A college student that recently graduated with a degree in sales and marketing could be looking for a job to get started. Scoop them up.

To-Do: (Optional) Based on the Things To Do Package, write and send a press release to 5 media outlets.

Your books benefit a target audience, which means your books will benefit the target audience of local media. Convey that information to the decision makers.

Consider sending postcards or even a free book to local radio hosts. Also, there are local cable programs that are anxiously searching for authors to interview.

To-Do: (Optional) Send postcards or Book Kits using the information sent by MCS in the Youth Author Package.

Schools and universities love authors. Pitch your books in a way that teachers and professors would anxiously share your stories with their students. Answer this question, “How could your books benefit the school?”

To-Do: (Optional) Send query letters to literary agents and publishers based on the MCS Publishing Package.

If you signed up for this package then you are receiving lists of literary agents and publishers that best fit your needs. Not all authors feel they need an agent or traditional publisher. However, it’s something to consider as you continue producing books and growing your fan base.

To-Do: Read MCS information sheet.

This increases your knowledge of getting your book into the hands of producers, directors, and film production companies, along with tips in marketing, product promotions, and industry trends.


~ Create a professional logo. Visit Brand Eleven Eleven so that your logo looks amazing.

~ Research all 30 cities that you received from MCS.

~ Keep up with your research on all bookstores.

~ Mail postcards to bookstores.

~ Mail postcards to other places in your targeted cities.

~ Send your Book Kit to five groups.

~ (Optional) Send postcards and Book Kits based on the Book Club Package at MCS.

~ (Optional) Send postcards based on the Things To Do Package that you received from MCS.

~ (Optional) Based on the Things To Do Package, write and send a press release to 5 media outlets.

~ (Optional) Send postcards or Book Kits based on Youth Author Package.

~ (Optional) Send query letters to literary agents and publishers based on the MCS Publishing Package.

~ Read the MCS information sheet.

What have you done today? What do you plan to do tomorrow? How much time will you spend on your craft? How much reading, writing, and marketing will you accomplish this month?12MonthPlan

No one can motivate you…more than you.

Ron Knight

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