Author Marketing Plan: Month 3

MCS26What’s new this month? Schools, libraries, literary agents, and traditional publishers! If you missed the previous two months of the marketing plan, the blogs are posted on UP Authors, along with several other blogs that will propel your author career.

This marketing campaign is based on using analytical information from MCS that evaluates your storyline and characters, while locating your ideal target audience. This saves you time and money, giving you a real chance to succeed.

Budget: $40-$65

To-Do: (Optional) Sign up for the Youth Author Package at MCS.

If you write books for anyone under the age of 18, then this small $10 investment will give you valuable information each month on 5 schools that you will have the best chance at selling, along with marketing information on the schools, student geographic information for the area, and 5 libraries in your target audience cities.

Send postcards or Book Kits to these schools and increase your book sales.

To-Do: (Optional) Sign up for the Publishing Package at MCS.

You will receive a list of 5 ideal literary agents and 5 ideal traditional publishers each month for $10. This saves you time on research while receiving advice from a talent agency on which agents and publishers best fit your needs.

Remember to use the information that you received from MCS in your query letter which will prove that you understand your markets and the best places to sell your books. Agents and publishers will be impressed with your knowledge and you will have a better chance of being signed.

To-Do: Research the 5 cities that you received from MCS.

In months one, two, and three you received a list of 15 cities that have the largest percentage of your target audience and give you the best chance at selling books. Continue to research those cities for marketing, promotion, and sales opportunities.

Could your book make a great gift for local businesses to give to their employees? Of course it can. The people that work in your target city are your readers.

To-Do: Research more bookstores that you received from MCS.

In months one, two, and three you received a list of bookstores in your targeted areas. Stay caught up on your research and look for events or promotion opportunities. Focus on local bookstores.

Join their Facebook Fan Page, follow their blogs, and build a relationship with the owners. Look over their website to see ways that they work with authors.

To-Do: (Optional) Submit another book for film or television adaptation review.

You never know which will be your first big break. Keep submitting books and allow time for them to be reviewed.

To-Do: Mail postcards to places in your targeted cities.

If you sell children’s books, send the postcards to schools in those cities. Look for libraries, bookstores, local fairs/events, local retail stores, chamber of commerce, book clubs, etc… Get to know these cities because they are the best places in the United States for you to succeed.

Keep your lists organized. Mark off which places you sent a postcard and update the contact information as needed.

To-Do: Send Book Kit to five groups.

Month one you learned what goes into the Book Kit and month two you created several of them. Now it’s time to send at least five Book Kit’s to places that will have the best chance for sales.

You’ve been given a list of cities by MCS and researched everything about those cities, so you should have a great idea on where to send the Book Kits.

To-Do: Read MCS information sheet.

This increases your knowledge of getting your book into the hands of producers, directors, and film production companies and gives you the latest marketing trends.


~ (Optional) Sign up for the Youth Author Package at MCS and receive detailed knowledge about schools that have the highest percentage of your target readers.

~ (Optional) Sign up for the Publishing Package at MCS and receive lists of literary agents and publishers that best fit your needs.

~ Research all 15 cities that you received from MCS that have the largest population of your target audience.

~ Keep up with your research on all bookstores sent to you by MCS.

~ Mail postcards to bookstores.

~ Mail postcards to other places in your targeted cities.

~ Send your Book Kit to five groups.

~ (Optional) Submit another book for film or television adaptation review.

~ Read the MCS information sheet.

Remember that besides authors, MCS is a talent agency that represents producers, directors’, agents, actors, screenwriters, Fortune 500 companies, concert promoters, and musicians.

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