Author M.A.P.S.

The starting point for an author is writing a book. The ultimate goal for the author is to have a financially successful career. In order for you to chart this destination, try using M.A.P.S.

The idea behind M.A.P.S. is this: “Everyday, an author should improve Mentally, improve Ambitions, improve Physically, and improve Spiritually.”

The key word in that definition is, improve.

~ Get Better

~ Perk UP

~ Recover

~ Progress

~ Develop

~ Advance

~ Expand

~ Increase

~ Enrich

~ UP-Grade!

If you are doing all these things as an author, your journey will be filled with rewards.

Everyday, Improve Mentally

When you turn eighteen, your brain will stop growing. However, your mind can improve the rest of your life. Whatever your mind thinks, is the direction you will be heading. Your thoughts will map each day of your author career.

You must teach your mind to work for you…not against you. Improve your mental abilities.

~ In addition to reading books in the same genre as you write, read non-fiction books to create ideas and improve your manuscripts.

~ In addition to writing what is comfortable, write about things that are uncomfortable. This will stretch your imagination.

~ Learn more about publishers, literary agents, marketing firms, branding agencies, entrepreneurs, public speakers, and authors that have succeeded. Each day, research what they are doing, so you can do the same.

~ Control your mind and you will control your emotions. Never make a decision when you mind is clogged with fear, worry, sorrow, or any other negative emotion. Envision your success and learn to improve that vision, so that obstacles and humbling moments will not stop you.

~ Today is a great day, if your mind is in the right place.

Everyday, Improve Ambitions

You must be determined to succeed. For that to occur, you must develop and expand your opportunities. There plenty of opportunities in the publishing industry. Find all of them. Use all them. Improve every aspect of your author career.

~ The more you improve your storytelling and mechanics, the more opportunities you will have.

~ The more relationships you build with readers and those in the publishing industry, the more opportunities you will have.

~ The more books you write, the more opportunities you will have.

~ The more industry research you do, the more opportunities you will have.

~ The more determined you become each day, the more opportunities you will have.

Everyday, Improve Physically

Becoming a successful author will not matter if you are not around to enjoy the rewards of success. If you are a full-time author, then you will spend 80% of your day on your butt.

~ Exercise everyday and improve with each workout.

~ Stretch several times a day.

~ Improve your eating habits.

~ Research healthy snacks to eat while you write.

~ Read several books on improving your health.

Everyday, Improve Spiritually

Only you know the best ways to strengthen your spirit. Whether you read the bible, pray, meditate, play a board game with the family, join a Yoga class, gaze at sunsets, or volunteer, your author spirit must remain strong.

If your author spirit is broken, then your author dreams will become broken as well. Find ways to enjoy, simplify, and relax. When humbling moments arrive, a strong author spirit will overcome your difficulties.

Make it your daily routine to improve your mind, improve your ambitions, improve physically, and improve your author spirit. When you keep looking forward, while taking actions to improve every aspect of your life and author career, then you have mapped out your path for never-ending success…

Ron Knight


Six principles of Untraditional Publishing: Confidence, Knowledge, Self-Discovery, Experience, Relationship Marketing, and Sales. Excel in these areas and you will have a successful author career.




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