Author Horoscope: Taurus

TaurusIf you’re an author born between April 20th and May 21st, you are patient, with endless stamina and inner strength. However, being an author can be difficult for you, because of the uncertainty for success. When self-doubt enters your mind, you stay calm and rarely panic.

Your books are soothing to the reader. In fact, readers enjoy your books because they can forget about their problems.

The financial aspect of being an author and long term success is important to you. It’s wonderful that you do not look for the get-rich-quick ideas. Instead, you productively build your author career.

Non-fiction is actually your strength, such as outdoor ideas and financial books. However, you can use those ideas in your fiction stories as well. Your biggest goal for the reader is to give them a sense of tranquility and peace.

It can not be overstated how patient you are. Authors that give up in two years should really learn from your example. No matter how complicated the problem might be, you find a way to solve it. (Calmly.) You can write 15,000 words in a day, or 500 words. It doesn’t matter, because you’re heading toward a specific goal and will patiently arrive.

You stay away from nasty Facebook posts and do not comment when others go on rants. Instead, you find better ways to fill your precious time.

No novel is too difficult for you to write, or to read. Your persistence and determination will carry you through to the end.

Since you are so focused, you may miss some opportunities. Try to be more flexible and change up your writing and marketing. Sometimes when a great opportunity stares at you in the face, you won’t take it, because you have something else in mind. Please try to look at the small picture, along with the big picture.

Also, you tend to overthink a book before starting. Just write. Keep writing. Trust your gift and do not over analyze the characters and plot.

It’s true that you hate change, but the publishing industry is changing daily. You need to adjust your thinking and your planning.

Nevertheless, you take your author career seriously. You do not joke around when it comes to making money with your writing, because it is embedded in your soul. Your fans are loyal and you are loyal to them.

Most of all, your characters enjoy the comforts of life, hand-holding, and a romantic evening…just like you.

Ron Knight

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  1. Wow. It’s like you read my mind. 🙂