Author Horoscope: Leo

LeoIf you’re an author born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you have an abundance of self-assurance, affection, and optimism with your writing. In fact, most authors struggle to come up with characters as fascinating as you write them.

The author spotlight is important to you, along with becoming bigger than any other author on the planet. You thrive on improving all aspects of being an author, which includes reading, writing, mechanics, storytelling, marketing, and research.

Your characters are actors in a story and your books can easily be adapted to a screenplay, which makes you a double-threat.

As an author, you come up with your own rules, rather than following traditional rules. No one can tell you how to run your author career and no one can certainly tell you how to write. You set the bar and force others to follow.

Promotion, success, and praise come to you often. However, it’s not enough. You need to succeed on the highest level. Most people will join you, but no one will have the courage to get in your way.

Your characters, stories, and even your essence win people over. You have dazzling charisma and protrude confidence. When you walk into a room, everyone turns and looks at you.

When readers are introduced to your characters, they cannot forget them. Once read, your stories will stick with readers the rest of their lives.

Natural talent and abilities are what you thrive on. You were born to write. Nothing else matters. You could not choose another career if you wanted. You have an abundant of creativity that far exceeds the normal person.

And yet, you have a natural soothing side about you that comforts those in need. You have a positive outlook on life and inspire others to succeed.

However, you’re hidden dark side can surface without warning. Your imagination is complex, which can benefit you in your writing, but scare the heck out of people in real life. And sometimes your writing comes before your family. Please try to be aware of this and remind others how important they are to you.

People love you. (Not just your family, but everyone you come in contact with.) Your characters portray an artistic narrative that skirts along with your imaginative soul.

You are loyal to your writing and your readers.

Ron Knight

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