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Students talking 2Networking in the publishing industry is certainly a way to meet the right people who can propel your career to the next level. But if you are an Untraditional author and want to have more control over your career, I suggest forming a dream team.

Your dream team should consist of four people:

~ You (Author)

~ Musician

~ Actor

~ Artist

It would be best if the four of you are all on the same level. For example, all of you have been working on your careers for about three years. That way, your group can grow together.

Also, it is okay if the four of you live in different parts of the country, or even different parts of the world. Just make sure to do some background on your potential group members.

Here are some other tips:

~ When forming your group, make sure all are equally dedicated. If you have one person that is only semi-dedicated, that is like kicking out a table leg.

~ Try to form a group where all work in the same genre. For example, you wouldn’t want the author and artist to be in the romance genre, while the actor and musician perform for elementary children.

~ Use Skype, or conference call and meet every two weeks for an hour.

~ Each person should have ideas ready on how the group can work together, along with an update on how things are going. For example, the four of you can work on a book trailer. The musician can create the music, the actor can perform, and the artist can create a logo, or art for the book.

~ Build fans together. Share links. Share posts.

~ Be available for each other. If the musician is about to release a new album, then the artist should draw the cover and the author should write a press release.

~ Give each other credit. If one of the group members does a favor for you, then share that on your website and social media.

~ Find jobs for each other. The four of you do not charge someone in the group for services, but you can certainly find paying jobs outside of the group.

~ Critique each other. Watch the actor’s monologue. Go over the artists new drawings. Listen to the musician’s ideas for songs. And have the group read your latest manuscript.

There is so much potential for an author, musician, actor, and artist working together. Just start bouncing ideas off each other and success will follow…

Ron Knight

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