Author Background Check

If you do not mind, before you spend another day as an author, I would like to do a quick background check. This is to make sure you are doing all the right things as an author. I want to thank you in advance for your cooperation.

First, are you an author for all the Good Reason’s?

* You want to share your charisma, ideas, experiences, passion, and emotions.

* You want to help and serve others with your gift.

* You are interested in earning enough money to live your dream as a full-time author.

* You need to satisfy your eager heart and fulfill your God-Given talents.

* You want to mature as an author and help other authors do the same.

* You dream of seeing your book in the stores and libraries.

* You envision yourself in the newspaper, on the radio, and TV.

* You enjoy placing your audience in a world that you alone have created.

* You would like to escape from reality (Once in awhile) and help your readers do the same.

* You are in the business to entertain.

* Each book you write, will help you improve as an author.

* Your books are something to be proud of, especially when you are recognized by others.

* You want to create a legacy and something to leave behind for your family.

* You want to give hope to all authors who feel the same way you do.

Okay, very good. Now, here are some Bad Reasons to be an author. If any of these sound like you, please adjust accordingly.

* You have to be popular.

* You need to be accepted by authors, especially those in the publishing industry.

* You want to avoid work, even if this takes away support for your family.

* You have a bestseller.

* You want to compete against other authors.

* You want to get revenge on someone, through your writing. (Exception: You are a romance author.)

* You are better than everyone else who cannot write books.

* You are better than everyone else who can write books.

* You want to be rich.

In this section, I would like to know how well you get along with others in the publishing industry. Once again, please make the necessary changes as needed.

* You understand that experienced authors, traditional publishers, literary agents, literary managers, public relation firms, and editors, critique your work so you can improve. They do want you to succeed, because it benefits them as well.

* Those in the publishing industry will do more for you, as you do more for yourself.

* Everyone in the publishing industry is busy. Do not clog up their emails, phones, and instant messages. Keep everything short and to the point.

* It’s important that you purchase books from other authors. When needed, give constructed feedback.

* Testimonials that authors do for each other, is a major marketing tool.

* Like any other business, authors need to be professional at all times. If you are on Facebook, decide if you are an author or someone out to get revenge on your ex.

* Authors control their emotions at all times. More goes wrong in the publishing industry than right. Expect humbling moments and move forward.

* Most editors are right. Deal with it.

* Most experienced content editors, are right. The best example is a seasoned author looking over your work. Once again, deal with their corrections, learn, and improve.

* Writing a great book is half the battle. You need great mechanics in writing.

* If you have not done at least 12 re-drafts before submitting your work, then you are not submitting your best.

* Never burn bridges. If you have a problem with someone in the publishing industry, be courteous and professional. Never, ever, get into an argument or insult someone else.

* Everyone talks in the publishing industry. This can go very well for you…or very bad. It all depends on your attitude.

* Those that learn from other authors, are the most successful.

* Success is not quick for any author. There is a reason for this. You need to improve before the world gets a chance to see your work.

* If you spend time feeling sorry for yourself, that is less time you are reading and writing.

* No one else is going to write, market, and sell that book, better than you.

* Writing is a craft, which means you can learn, mature, and improve.

* Authors need to be patient. Why? Because that’s the way it is.

* Go ahead and be upset when you receive a rejection letter. If you were not upset, then you didn’t care. Tomorrow, get back to work.

* Giving up is not only insulting to yourself, but to others who believe in you.

Moving on. It is important to know your Fears.

* Not everyone is going to like your book. However, there is a niche for every book.

* Feedback from those in the publishing industry is necessary. It is also terrifying.

* Years are passing by like days. Is it still worth it? The answer is yes. What if I told you that your career will go to the next level in four months. Would you still quit today?

* There is so much to know. Reading and writing have become complicated. Next, you have to deal with marketing and publishing. It is overwhelming. And yet, each year, it gets a lot easier.

* Family and friends are supportive of your writing. Those in the publishing industry are honest.

* There are times when you are stumped on what to write. Those are good times to read, instead of writing.

Thank you for participating. I think we both learned a lot about each other. I’m looking forward to speaking with you some more down the road.

Let me say this. You have a gift to be an author. If I did not know anything else about you…that would be enough.



Ron Knight

Author of “2-10”


Literary Manger: Melissa Link


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  1. Great piece! Thanks for the reminders of why I want to write.

  2. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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  5. LilyAlisons says:

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  8. Debbie Peters says:

    I dream of seeing my book in the stores and libraries outside of Ohio.
    I envision myself in the newspaper and on the radio outside of Ohio.
    My Professionalism has been recognized by others-now it’s time for my books to be.
    I have 3 professional Editors-This was to insure that I send out nothing but quality reads to my readers.
    Not everyone liked my first book, so I was ready to quit until someone pointed out that there is a niche for every book.
    What if you told me that my career would go to the next level in four months-Would I still quit today? To be honest, I have swayed to quitting a few times, because I do not have the same opportunities as other authors. I am disabled-the disease I have makes me get sick quickly if I overdo. Because I am disabled, I have a limited income to help get my work noticed outside of the state I live in. The answer my friend is NO! If I could change my circumstances where I could get my career to the next level in the next four months, I would place all my books back on the market and keep writing my 2,000 book ideas.