Analyze Your Novel in Seconds!

MCS BLOG 1Have you ever wondered which famous author has a similar writing style to your own? Do you wonder how easy or difficult it is for others to read your novel?

Here are some links to analyze your novel in seconds.

I Write Like

Copy/Paste a chapter of your book into this program, hit “Analyze,” and see which famous author you resemble the most. Click on Analyze Book  to get started.


Does your book read so easy that a middle school student could understand? Or will it take a college reading level to understand your book?

This simple test will analyze your book in seconds while giving you some other helpful information such as:

~ How easy or hard it is to understand your text.

~ What is the comprehension score?

~ Evaluating your book based on words and syllables.

~ Analyzing your book based on the amount of sentences.

~ Average grade level that could read your book.

Check out Readability Score.

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