A Ghost on Two Wheels

A Ghost on Two WheelsUP Authors BEST TITLE winner!

A Ghost on Two Wheels, by Bebe Balocca



February 18th, 2013

A Ghost on Two Wheels, by Bebe Balocca won BEST TITLE in the UP Authors Erotic/Romance Contest!

Interview with Bebe Balocca:

UP: How in the world did you come up with the unique title, A Ghost on Two Wheels?

BB: The fatal accident at the beginning of the story happens on a motorcycle, and some erotic scenes and sensations take place on the back of the bike as well. “A Ghost on Two Wheels” was the perfect title for my after-death erotic romance story.

UP: What is the main difference of lovemaking after death?

BB: When one partner is alive and the other isn’t, the tactile sensations are quite different, but the love and desire are as strong as ever.

UP: What did you study at the University of St. Andrews and Tulane University?

BB: I studied psychology, linguistics, and English. I’ve always loved reading, writing, and the study of words, and for a while I considered becoming a therapist.

UP: Why do romance stories appeal to you?

BB: I am happily in love with my husband and our traditional marriage. I also know that there are many routes to romantic fulfillment. It makes me feel too good to read about characters finding love and sexual enjoyment in a variety of ways. Love makes the world go ’round, don’t you think?

UP: Yes, we agree. So, how many books have you published in the last year alone?

BB: Four are currently available and two more have their general release dates in March, so six total.

UP: What makes a better character? Clean-cut nice guy, or half-shaven tough guy?

BB: I like for my characters to grow and learn, so the clean-cut nice guy might learn to loosen up and the tough guy might learn to be tender. Both types have loads of potential.

UP: Describe your target reading audience?

BB: Readers who like to laugh in between explicit erotic scenes and bits of dramatic tension, and readers who enjoy lots of details in lovemaking scenes.

UP: When did you first read a romance, or erotic novel?

BB: My husband started buying erotic romance novels for me as stocking stuffers when we first got married, so eighteen years ago.

UP: You have some amazing book covers. How much input do you have?

BB: Quite a bit. I get to describe the mood of the book in addition to the characters and setting, and if there’s anything in particular I want or don’t want I can request that of the cover artist.

UP: Tell us one secret that helps with your sexy stories.

BB: I put myself right into the scene and write with all five senses. I want the reader to feel that he or she is right there, too. I’m not afraid to get physical with sensations that might not be traditionally sexy but that genuinely fit in the scene.

A Ghost on Two Wheels is an after-death confrontation that is pleasurable and sexy.” ~ UP Authors

Visit Bebe Balocca at http://bebebalocca.com/


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