5 Ideas to Sell More Books

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Idea One: Sell your fiction novel the same as a non-fiction writer would sell their books. Use examples from weight loss gurus. List 10 ways your books benefit readers. Pretend everything that happened in your fiction book is real!

Idea Two: Send Christmas cards, Valentine Day cards, and Happy Halloween cards to leaders of book clubs, local organizations, and businesses. It’s low cost and high value.

Idea Three: Team up with several authors and package your books together, or go on a tour. Also, you can hold a special event. If you team up with 4 authors and they have 1,000 followers each, then that’s 4,000 new possible readers for you.

Idea Four: Offer Skype interviews with schools, book clubs, church groups, and local organizations in your targeted areas. Benefit others and book sales will follow.

Idea Five: If you aren’t selling books, then revisit the message that you’re consistently conveying to your target areas. Does that message benefit your readers? Or does the message only benefit you? Be honest with yourself, because products only sell if they are beneficial to the consumer.

Ron Knight

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