3 Ideas to Sell More Books

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Idea One: Create book trailers that are more like a reality show instead of using a slideshow and music. Make it look spontainious. This will save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention all the time you’ll save.

Plus, reality trailers have more of a chance to be shared and go viral.

Idea Two: Team up with a lawn company that works in your targeted areas. Make a deal that you will write blogs for them if they handout your bookmarks to all of their customers.

This is a way to reach hundreds of potential readers and all it cost you was the bookmarks and some time.

You can also use this idea for pool maintenance company’s, or bounce houses, air conditioner, etc… No other author is doing this, which makes it unique.


Idea Three: Invest in “old school” advertising, which may include things like billboards, newspaper advertisement, or even a radio commercial. 99% of authors aren’t doing this, which makes it a perfect reason for you to do it. (James Patterson funded his own 30 second radio commercial back when he first started and before he had a lot of money. It was the key to launching his career.)

You could also advertise in non-reading magazines, but have the same genre as you write. For example, if you write psychological thrillers, then advertise your books in the magazine, Psychology Today.

Advertising investments have major impacts on book sales. It does cost money, but the rewards are amazing.

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