5 Ways to Spark Marketing Success

Man Idea BookWhere do unique marketing ideas come from? How does a terrific idea for selling books, or any product, suddenly appear?

I have one word for you…Random.

5 Ways to Spark Marketing Success (And story ideas for your books!)

5 Magazines

Purchase 5 random magazines, or go to the library and pick 5 random magazines.

For example, you may choose People, Better Homes, National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, and Seventeen.

Skim over the articles, gaze at the advertisements, and notice any features the magazine used to increase interest.

Also, look at each individual person; search for qualities and eye-catching features.

The combination of the five magazines will spark at least one unique idea for marketing your books and perhaps give you an idea for your next book!

Travel to the Mall

Walk into 5 random stores. It may be something like American Eagle, Hollister, Macys, Hot Topic, and Under Armour.

What’s the first thing you notice in each store?

What products are people looking at the most?

What colors in the store catch your attention?

What promotions are each store offering?

The combination will spark an amazing marketing idea!

Bookstore, Library, Chain Store (Target)

All three of these places have books. As you walk up and down each row, which books catch your attention?

What signs or posters are near the books?

What other products are being sold near the books?

What programs are being offered?

Every single book, sign, poster, and product were placed in a certain area for a reason. Combine this into one awesome marketing idea!

Attend Random Events

On a Saturday, try to attend several events in your area. This could be a Healthy Living Style Expo, Boat Show, Arts & Crafts event, and a Flea Market.

Which tables have the best setup?

Who is getting the most attention and how are they doing it?

What is something each event offers that’s a bit off-the-wall?

By the end of the day, you’ll have a terrific marketing idea!

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