Archives for March 2016

Mixing Storytelling & Marketing

Imagine you’re writing a story about your best friend. For the moment, that story would be important to YOU and your best friend…no one else. You would write their name, birth date, where they were born, perhaps a little about the area they grew up, where they live now, and some basic things on why you are best friends with this person. At this point, you have an audience of two. The goal is to have an audience of 1 (excluding you and … [Read more...]

Authors: Make this First Key Step!

Henry Ford said, “The biggest goal can be accomplished if you just break it down into enough small steps.” Most authors have the same goals: To make a nice living selling their stories. The difference between authors who achieve that goal and authors who don’t, is taking the first significant step, then the second, third, and so on. It may take you 3,000 steps for you to become a wealthy author. With each step, you’ll certainly become … [Read more...]

Authors: Fast Forward 10 Years!

The best way to fast forward 10 years of hard work, avoid making mistakes, and gain much needed experience is to understand the skills and process of those who already achieved success. Keep in mind that millionaire authors weren’t lucky and they aren’t more talented than you. Most likely they spent at least 10 years gaining skills and experience, but you can shortcut the process. A self-made billionaire named H.L. Hunt had three key … [Read more...]