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Best Books for Authors

Every author can succeed by reading books on marketing, business, and inspiration. Here’s a great list. Remember to keep a notepad so that you can personalize ideas to your author career. Marketing Guerrilla Marketing for Writers, by Jay Conrad Levinson, Rick Frishman, and Michael Larsen Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shane Gibson 12 Month Author Marketing Plan, by 9 Minute Books The Road to … [Read more...]

Authors: Remove the Competition

There are thousands of people becoming authors each day, but there’s one thing you can do to become unique and rise above the competition…increase your efforts. That may sound simple, or even like common sense, but 80% of authors make little effort once their book is self-published, or make little effort once they sent a few submission letters to traditional publishers. Think about that for a second. 8 out of 10 authors aren’t putting much … [Read more...]

AUTHORS: How do you become famous?

Right now you probably lack many things including time, money, and opportunities. Remember this key point: “Imagination is the one thing that will make up for everything you lack.” This means your powerful imagination will ignite during the reading of this blog and success will follow! To stimulate your imagination and increase amazing ideas to help your author career, read on! Top 20 Percent Before you spend another day as an author, … [Read more...]

6 Confidence Boosters for Authors

Back in 2005, 300,000 writers decided to self-publish their books rather than taking the traditional route, rising to over a million people. Since then, that number has dwindled because self-published authors have given up. What happened? The answer is simple…Confidence. If you’re feeling like it won’t ever happen for you, stop for a moment and change your habits. Six Confidence Boosters for Authors Start greeting everyone you see … [Read more...]

12 Month Author Marketing Plan

If you’re sick of books and blogs that tell you how to write stories and you would rather have someone tell you how to sell books, then this is the place to be. 12 Month Author Marketing Plan is a step-by-step guide for the next year, giving you specific tips and ideas of how to sell books each month. By the end, you’ll have over 100 marketing ideas! There are several goals of this author marketing book: Becoming an author who will be … [Read more...]