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Short Burst Reading = Wealth

Will reading 9 minutes a day really matter? Judge for yourself… “For every year you spend reading 9 minutes a day, you increase your chances to become wealthy.” “Millionaires read at least one book a month.” “The best way to thrive at school and work is reading for fun.” “You’ll be a different person in five years if you read at least 9 minutes a day.” “When you read 9 minutes a day, it will make more difficult reading … [Read more...]

Who’s to blame for teenagers not reading?

“14% of children in lower income homes rarely or never read books for pleasure.” ~ Reading Agency There is a direct relation to reading for pleasure and becoming wealthy. (Or not reading for pleasure and becoming poor.) Studies have been done since the 1960’s to prove this theory. Here are three facts about reading for pleasure and earning money: “The biggest single indicator to thrive at school or work is reading for pleasure.” ~ United … [Read more...]