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71 Ideas to Sell Books: 21-30

Listed below are 10 ideas to market, promote, and sell books. You should choose several of these and combine them into your marketing campaign. Remember to stay on a budget of about $50-$75 a month, which is reasonable for any author that wants to succeed. If you would like the entire list emailed to you in a printable form, email Ron Knight: and label your email, “71 Ideas.” 21: Start a trend based on your book and … [Read more...]

UP Authors Announces New Contest for Authors!

UP Authors Division of Brand Eleven Eleven Web: Web: Phone: 941-799-9079  UP Authors Announces New Contest for Authors! Sarasota, FL~ The team at UP Authors has returned with their most popular contest, UP Authors First Chapter and Book Cover Challenge! This contest has brought authors from every stage in their career, including authors that are self-published, traditionally published, and even … [Read more...]

The UPauthors Awards Are Back!

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