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Locate Your Readers

You wrote a book. Maybe you wrote several books. You printed one or two, uploaded some on Amazon, created eBooks, handed out bookmarks, started a Facebook fan page, joined three or four social media sites, invested in a website, networked with others in the publishing industry, followed blogs, sent in submissions to literary agents and publishers, had your books reviewed, created a book trailer, did interviews, speaking engagements, accepted … [Read more...]

Authors & Film Production: Locating the Audience

Do you want your book adapted to a screenplay and be shown on the big screen? Let me introduce you to MCS who represents screenwriters, producers, and directors in Los Angeles and called the “Moneyball” of the film industry. The main focus of MCS is to locate the best cities and regions around the world to market and launch a new film. Now, MCS has expanded their representation to authors and publishers. This is a great fit, because MCS uses … [Read more...]

Adapting Your Book to Film

Every author wants to see his or her book adapted to a screenplay and eventually made into a movie. However, the chances of that are slim to none especially with the amount of books that are being published these days along with the fact that producers and directors may never know who you are or what you write. It has been my goal to give EVERY author an opportunity for success rather than just the top 2% of selling authors. There’s an … [Read more...]

11 Word Blog: Your Value

Your community of readers needs something valuable from you right now. Ron Knight … [Read more...]