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Saving Our Treasured Seeds

Third place winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is S. Smith, with the book, Seed Savers: Treasure, described by UP Authors as, “An older children’s story that is skillfully written in a way to show the symbolism of gardening, seeds, and a future that we can all learn from today.” UP: Name three people that you told after discovering you came in third place. SS: My husband, my son, and the people who saw it on my Facebook … [Read more...]

UP Authors Fiction Challenge!

UP Authors A Brand Eleven Eleven Company 3516 N. Lockwood Ridge Road Sarasota, Florida, 34234 941-799-9079 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July, 18th, 2013 UP Authors Announced Winners of Fiction Challenge! UP Authors Fiction Challenge has been completed. Sixty-two competitive entries all battled for the top seven places. The difficult challenge for UP Authors was choosing the best books, since most … [Read more...]

Whatever He Wants!

The second place winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is Bridgett Henson with the novel, Whatever He Wants. UP Authors had this to say, “Truly important novel, riveted from the first word to the last!” UP: How did you react when you discovered that you came in second place? BH: Most emotions quickly escalated. I was pleasantly surprised, excited, and then disappointed I didn’t place first. I have perfectionist … [Read more...]

S.L. Dwyer Interview

Seventh place winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is S.L. Dwyer with the book, Dirt. “S.L. Dwyer reminded us of Harper Lee, with amazing character dialogue that captured our attention!” ~ UP Authors UP: Name three people you told after discovering you finished in the top seven. SL:I only told one person and then posted the UP Author image on my website and mentioned it on a discussion forum. Now that it is official, I … [Read more...]

Kim Cresswell’s Reflection

Winner of the competitive UP Authors Fiction Challenge is Kim Cresswell with her novel, Reflection. UP Authors described Reflection as, “Cinematic writing, powerful visuals, sleek, fast, notches above anything we have read before!” UP: How did you feel when you first discovered that you won the UP Authors Fiction Challenge? KC: Honestly, I was stunned and quite surprised. Then excitement kicked in! UP: Who was the first person that you … [Read more...]