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Why Are Authors Rejected?

I absolutely hate the title of this blog, because it focuses on shortcomings, rather than focusing on an author’s gift and talents. Nothing about this blog title is uplifting at all. In fact, I should have changed it to, “Why Are Authors Accepted?” In the world of publishing, the focus is all wrong and I am part of the problem. Of all the blogs that I have written over the years, I would say that 80% are about fixing common and even complex … [Read more...]

Pricing Your eBook

You have two books in your hands. In your right hand is a book from James Patterson that costs $9.99. In your left hand is a book from Jon Truss that costs $0.99. You know James Patterson, but you do not know Jon Truss. However, both books sound pretty interesting. Which do you choose? This is what’s happening with eBooks. The result is that most readers these days are taking a chance on the $0.99 book, which is a huge advantage for up and … [Read more...]

Using Cinema to Market Books

Advertise your books using Cinema Spots, Cinema Slides, Cinema Scenes, or Lobby Promotions. Cinema Spots ~ This starts at the feature film’s published show time and in a lights-down environment so that the audience is more attentive. ~ Spots can be purchased for 30 seconds, 45, 60, 90, or 120. ~ Choose rating of movie to fit your genre and books: G, PG, PG-13, R. Cinema Slides These pre-show slides have a different content like … [Read more...]

Author Success Quiz

What are your chances of success? Well, I cannot predict the future, but I can certainly pick out authors that are putting themselves in a position to succeed. Take this quiz to learn more about yourself and what you are willing to do as an author. NOTE: There are no wrong answers. Also, some questions have the same letters repeated. This was done on purpose. Write down your answers on a scratch piece of paper. Enjoy! Question One: Do … [Read more...]

Marketing Past Gatekeepers

If you think about it, there is only one thing stopping you from selling to readers…GATEKEEPERS! They are everywhere. Want to market/sell books in schools? You need to get by the gatekeepers made up of the school board, principals, and teachers. Want to market/sell your books in stores? You need to get by the product purchasing gatekeepers. Want to market/sell your books in libraries? You need to get by the gatekeeper manager. Want to … [Read more...]