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Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook! 2012

There is one simple rule to making this list…I have to remember seeing you on Facebook among the 8,000 authors that I connect with each day. If I remember you…then so will your target audience. And do not be discouraged if you did not make this list. However, I hope to see you next year. If you did make this list, feel very proud. Share this moment with your friends and brag about yourself…you deserve it! Erotic & Romance Authors! Check … [Read more...]

Take it like an Author

In 1995, I showed a publishing lawyer out of New York my first novel. He had a condo just a stones throw away from Stephen King's Florida home. Also, he helped Stephen King in the early years. This was the kind of person that could make an authors career! However, the publishing lawyer handed my manuscript back and said, "Keep trying." That was it. His words of wisdom were to, "Keep trying." I just said thank you and went on my … [Read more...]

Book Sales Idea: Sales Rep

How do publishers sell books to stores? They use a sales rep. So how can an author sell more books? Use a sales rep! This will give you an instant boost with little effort on your part. On the same day I hired a sales rep, she sold thirty of my books to a store. The great thing was I did not have to do anything! The sales rep I found has several benefits. ~ She works in a local store. (Local stores are less hassle than big chains.) ~ … [Read more...]

PREVIEW: Top 100 Authors on Facebook! 2012

PREVIEW: “Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook!” Of the 8,000 authors I had to choose from, I slimmed the list down to about 350. However, I did not want to give anything away, so I used only initials. The final results will be posted on December 19th, 2012. Erotic & Romance Authors! Check out the UP Authors Contest and build your fan base!  AMH   AG      AMC   AC       ACB    AD       … [Read more...]

9 Common Query Mistakes

If you are querying a literary agent, there are common mistakes that are still being made by authors that will produce an instant rejection. And most of the time, these mistakes are made in the very first sentence! In quotes are examples of what authors have written in query letters. 9. “Readers will be hooked on my novel from the very start!” Advice: WHY will readers be hooked on your novel from the very start? 8. “I have four books … [Read more...]