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Authors: Keep Fighting

I know it’s hard to become a successful author, but I’m asking you to keep fighting. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge. Authors are alone in this world. Alone in their writing. Alone in their reading. Alone in their marketing. Alone with their thoughts. That’s when the demons come in many forms. Doubt. Insecurity. Fear. Struggling authors cannot hold back the tears that spray from their eyes. They fall into a corner of … [Read more...]

Facebook Author Marketing

You should be able to gain at least 10% more readership through Facebook every couple of weeks and increase your book sales by that same 10%. In fact, experienced authors gain 30% readership every two weeks, because they know when a book is released it has a shelf-life of 120 days. So the experienced author has a specific social media and marketing campaign already in place. Here are a few simple tips to get you on the right track: Research … [Read more...]

Ron Knight Arrested!

Hello, I am Misty Thornes, reporter for UP Authors. Yesterday, author Ron Knight had been arrested for murdering characters in his novels. Apparently, he had been doing this for many years, but was finally caught after his novel 2-10 had been published.  While in jail, I was permitted to interview Ron Knight… MT: “In your latest novel, 2-10, how did you feel when murdering off a … [Read more...]