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No One Believes In You Anymore

When you first start out, there is no one on this planet that can stop you from your dream of becoming a successful author. Your family and friends will support your efforts and wish you well. A year goes by, then another. That’s when things start to get really hard. You begin to question your decision. You may even give up. But you will always return and keep trying. As you continue writing novels, a dark, negative thought creeps into your … [Read more...]

Competition Judging Helps Your Writing

(Guest blog by author Erin O’Quinn.) Recently I volunteered to be a judge in the Houston-area RWA Lonestar Writing Competition, judging entries in the area of history/historical romance. I thought that it might be rather a drudge to read through a series of 25-30 pageMSSwritten by anyone from fledgling writers to published authors. On the other hand, I had a hunch that judging other writers would help me know what publishers look for, and that … [Read more...]

500 Quotes about Authors, Books, Publishing: 21-30

I will be listing 500 quotes for you to use on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. “I quote others to better express myself.” Montaigne. 21-30: “Nothing stinks like a pile of unpublished writing.” ~ Sylvia Plath “I would sooner read a timetable or a catalogue than nothing at all.” ~W. Somerset Maugham “One of my main target audiences are adults, teens, tweens, and children that do not like to read. That is an untapped … [Read more...]

Succeed by Going UP!

Who has more power, a traditional publisher, or You? Who has more writing talent, literary agents, or You? Who has more influence over your career, self-publishers, or You? Who has more imagination, the eBook industry, or You? Who is more unique, Stephen King, or You? Let me ask you another question. “Which person or business will stop You from having a successful career?” It’s true that you need to work with others, but you cannot depend … [Read more...]

111 Rules of Being an Author

111. Be willing to take on the impossible challenge, while creating the possible. 110. Having a gift to write stories is not enough to have an author career. 109. Delete the word “Very” from every manuscript. 108. A fulltime author spends their day sitting. Exercising is critical. 107. There is nothing wrong with promoting another author. It shows that you are knowledgeable in your genre. 106. Keep book trailers under a minute and … [Read more...]