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Your Testimonial Reviews

 (Print this and look at it daily to inspire your writing. Imagine these reviews are about your book.)  “Riveting, juiced-up morality tale, predicted blockbuster success, and cinematic!”  “The story crosses, then double crosses, and explodes into furious fisticuffs!”  “Careening plot twists, hearty serving of meat-and-potatoes action!”  “The sort of sparkle that fans relish!”  “Compelling read, retains the breathless pace … [Read more...]

Be an Author Stalker

There are a hundred different ways to becoming a bestselling author, but the journey is different for every author. The knowledge you obtain about your target audience will be your most productive path.  Think about this: Stalker: “Someone who follows, trails, hunts, shadows, and chases others without them knowing.” Author: “Someone who follows, trails, hunts, shadows, and chases readers without them knowing.”  I always thought of myself as … [Read more...]

Going After Readers

When first starting out, Wrigley shipped four pieces of gum to every person inAmericathat was listed in the phone book. The marketing plan was simple: Let them try and it, then they’ll buy it.  Wrigley did not wait for customers; he went after them with a little bit of imagination and a lot of confidence in his product. This kind of thinking holds true for authors. Do not wait for readers; hunt them down with a little bit of imagination and … [Read more...]

Help for Struggling Young Readers

Struggling Readers  Understanding the Struggling Reader Testing Struggling Readers Solution Results Understanding the Struggling Reader  Struggling readers in fourth and fifth grades, middle school, and high school students, can become talented authors, musicians, artists, or product designers for major corporations. Their imagination is more powerful than what they are reading in books. It is difficult to keep imaginative minds … [Read more...]