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Authors Taking Control

There are many ways of taking control of your career. For an author, imagination is a powerful tool, not only for writing, but for guiding your career. Imagination is used to formulate ideas. It can be used to revaluate your existing methods and approach to your career offering many choices to succeed.  Inventors have trouble dealing with experienced business people and financial professionals, because inventors are driven by ideas. Business … [Read more...]

60:M Author Plan

If you only had sixty hours to execute a brilliant marketing plan, what would you do with that time? Really think about that question. You have sixty hours to work with. What kind of ideas could you come up with that will keep you inside the sixty-hour timeframe?  Your sixty-hour marketing plan may include social media, networking, blogging, or starting an eNewsletter. Be careful. Your time is limited.  You may spend some of that time on … [Read more...]

Fifty Shades of…Uggg.

“There have been lots of badly written books that have done well.” This is a comment from Jim Milliot, Co-Editorial Director at Publishers Weekly. Fifty Shades of Grey sold 1.5 million copies. However, 80% of the reviews said this, “Fifty Shades starts off very, very slow, the characters are horrible, and the book is poorly written.”  How did a new author break past the all-powerful gatekeepers and publish with Vintage Books, a Division of … [Read more...]

Critique Partner

Looking for that Special Someone?  Only those who possess a wicked sense of humor and a sense of the absurd need apply.  For a writer, finding a critique partner could be as daunting as finding a spouse, throw in the requirements that your critique partner must be creative, critical yet compassionate, be as passionate about your work as they are of theirs, be on call twenty-four-seven for a shoulder when bad reviews or rejections come in, … [Read more...]

Author Book Trailers & Videos

Book Trailers and Videos are great ways to promote an authors work, just like any other industry, but only if the author does this correctly.  Below, I will give you some tips from two professionals in the marketing, video, and photography business.    ~ Nelson Photographers, Boca Grande, FL  ~ Brand Eleven Eleven, Sarasota, FL  Two-Minute Rule  No video should go over two minutes. … [Read more...]