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Hidden Mickey Marketing Plan

When Disney World first started, most of the rides were broken down and nothing seemed to be going their way. (Sounds a lot like my first novel.) Disney created a magical theme around the park, which brought customers into the park. This same logic can be used with your author career.  Step away from your book(s) for a moment. If you want readers to flock in your direction, you need to create something magical that will bring them … [Read more...]

Do Authors Need Publishers?

Will self-motivated authors take over the publishing industry? Can traditional publishers survive? Are traditional publishers fighting to stay traditional? Are digital books taking over printed books? Is self-publishing now an acceptable phrase?  Do authors even need publishers anymore?  The purpose of this blog is to feed you information, so you can formulate a plan and develop your author career. Forget about what you think is the best … [Read more...]

What Chapters Represent

When you become a seasoned author, each chapter you write represents a certain voice or meaning. It goes beyond the outer layer. Instead, your writing has symbolic value.  Here is what your chapters represent…  Chapter One  This is an author’s best chapter, because it receives the most attention. It is the deciding factor whether a reader will move on to the next chapter. It is the beginning of the author's creation.  Chapter … [Read more...]

Generating Opportunities

It only takes one great opportunity for an author to propel to the next level. Most authors concentrate on sending query letters, self-publishing, or eBooks. Those are only three of the hundreds of possible ways to succeed as an author.  Take a second to think about what an opportunity is supposed to look like. I believe it could be one of two situations:  ~ The author suddenly has a favorable option. This means you have several paths to … [Read more...]

April Fools Letter from Author Ron Knight

To the staff at UP Authors & Brand Eleven Eleven, from Ron Knight:  Let’s get something straight. I am the talent. Everything you do, should involve keeping me happy. People do not go to the UP Authors website because they want to hear about how the new intern has worked two hours this week and can now understand the difference between a blog and an email. People go to the website because of what I bring to the table.  Knowing this, I … [Read more...]