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Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook!

Over the past year, I have been watching over 8,000 authors. (Which is 2,000 more than the previous year.) I suppose there are three ways to catch my attention, along with others in the publishing industry: ~ Consistency in Facebook posts. (Using the same profile picture also helps.) ~ UP-Beat and productive posts. ~ Supporting other authors anyway possible. If your name did not make this list, do not feel bad. You were probably close. It was … [Read more...]

UP Authors Promotion Contest: News Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  December 19th, 2011  UP Authors Promotion Contest  UP Authors is an advisory company that supports authors in everything they do, from writing novels, marketing, and selling books. At the very least, UP Authors gives writers the confidence to last through the difficult times.  Every year, UP Authors holds a contest to help talented writers propel to the next level. This year they are having a “Promotion Contest,” in … [Read more...]

Give Away the Ending

So many authors have learned that by letting the characters take control of the story, there is no telling where the plot will lead. In fact, even the author will be pleasantly surprised.  There are also times when an author comes up with a great idea for a book, along with a terrific ending. If you were taking a writing class, it would be fine to think that way. But if you want to write fiction novels for a living, you absolutely cannot have … [Read more...]

Authors: Take a look at yourself…

I am going to share your last five posts on Facebook with thousands of readers, along with literary agents and publishers. Would that be okay with you? Take a look at the last five things you posted. While you are at it, look at the last month. What kind of author do you see? Now, look at your comments and posts on Facebook and Twitter from the point of view of your readers and ask three questions: “Can I relate to this author’s comments, … [Read more...]

Authors should be thankful for…

I hear all the time that new authors have a tougher road compared to authors in the seventies and eighties. That could not be farther from the truth. In fact, new authors-along with up and coming authors and existing authors-should have plenty to be thankful for. Authors should be thankful for email. (Along with the Internet!) I remember the days when submissions were all paper. Not only that, there was much more an author had to send in … [Read more...]