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Preview: “Ron Knight’s Top 100 Authors on Facebook!”

Every Thanksgiving, I narrow down the list from 8,000 authors to about 300. (Which is extremely difficult.) Next, I will have to narrow that list down again to 100, then rank each of those authors. Here is a teaser preview of who made the top 300. (Sorry, just the initials. Like I said, it is a teaser!) Check back here on December 20th and see if you made the top 100! And good luck finding your initials. This is like a fancy word … [Read more...]

Authors: Learn From Quotes

If you are connected with me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, you will notice that I post uplifting quotes. I am assuming that of the 8,000 authors that I’m connected with, there are some having a really bad day. (Maybe, a bad year.) A simple quote can lift an author’s spirits and guide them past the humbling moments in life. The other purpose of quotes is to learn from them. Here are just a few examples. “Most people don’t realize that … [Read more...]

Do you want to quit?

A person that owns a film and production company, sent me this message on May 4th, 2011: “I’m not giving up, but I’m having one of those days when it crosses my mind. I am ready for the next level, but it has been just out of reach for a decade. At age 52, I’m beginning to wonder.” My response to this person: If you had one of those days, then probably you will have another one. It sounds like you are in a rut and putting pressure on … [Read more...]

Three Types of Publishing

Both traditional publishing and self-publishing have value to authors. In fact, there are still wonderful debates on which path the author should take. Bloggers like to compare both, giving the pro’s and con’s, but let the author decide on which choice is best for them. If you understand that the purpose of publishing is to offer ways to manufacture and package books, then the power will be shifted to you. The more you control, the more … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Use Words for Greatness

Think about how important your words are as an author. You have amazing influence over many lives. As you build a career in writing, there will come a point when you have influence over millions of lives! Sure, you have to be responsible with your words, but keep in mind that everything you say and write will determine the path of your career. You cannot settle for your best. You must do God’s best as well. And to accomplish that, you must … [Read more...]