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Guest Post by Tim Baker: Writers Block (uggg…)

If you were to ask 100 writers how they deal with "writer's block" you’d get 200 different answers. You’ll even get those who insist that writer’s block is a product of the writer’s imagination (the ultimate irony). I don’t buy that…there are times when you just don’t know what to write, it’s that simple. Real or not - I've heard a plethora of solutions, but I don’t give them much credence because they remind me of those old … [Read more...]

Author Success vs Failure

Here is something to remember, “Authors that have been rejected are simply trying to compete on a higher level.” Think about how important that statement is, because it may define your career as an author. For example. If you just finished your first book, then you show some of your family and friends that book, and the feedback is positive, you have succeeded on a lower level of being an author. Nothing wrong with that. Maybe you decide to … [Read more...]

Relationship Marketing: Building Publishing Contacts

Relationship Marketing is creating a network of people that will help build your fan base and/or become your fan base. The logic is simple: If someone knows you, they can help you. (And vice versa.) The first part of Relationship Marketing is building your target audience. At the same time, you need to build your professional contacts and networks. My advice is to start with one person in the publishing industry that can have a huge impact on … [Read more...]

Relationship Marketing: Building Your Audience

Relationship Marketing is making a connection with your audience to promote your books. The success of Relationship Marketing is based on the amount of value the author has, along with the author providing solutions to benefit the reader. For some authors, that may sound like a long and tedious process, which is why those authors fail. For the motivated authors, Relationship Marketing is the key to their success, which makes the process fun … [Read more...]