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Authors: Have You Tried This Yet?

At your local library, donate your book and attach a letter that sounds something like this: “My name Jane Smith and I’m a local author. I would be pleased if you would consider my book for your catalog.” Having the conversation face-to-face is better. If the library accepts your book, you will create several opportunities. ~ Your book will be displayed on the shelf with bestselling authors. ~ Every four months, you can ask the … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Listen to the Right Voices

For authors, voices in the head seem much clearer. Your imagination can take you in a direction where the only voice you hear is the one reminding you of failures. “You do not have enough talent to be an author.” “Others are succeeding, but you will fail.” “Spend more time with your family. Spend more time with your writing. Spend more time doing something else.” “Traditional publishing doesn’t work. Self-publishing doesn’t work. … [Read more...]

10 Things the Publishing Industry Should Do Away With

When I say “Publishing Industry,” I do not mean just publishers. I’m talking about authors, literary agents, editors, publicists, publishing lawyers, bookstores, distribution companies, and even the readers. Anyone that is connected to books. Publishers and agents should do away with asking an author to describe their book in one small paragraph. It is insane to tell authors that the agency or publisher is looking for something fresh, … [Read more...]

Rise UP Authors: Stretch Forward

So many authors give up, because it takes years to excel in reading, writing, marketing, and publishing. Just remember that God has placed that gift inside you, along with a dream of success. No matter what, God will not give up on you, or that dream. You are a writer. A storyteller. Understand how rare it is for a person to have that kind of talent. And more importantly, no one on this planet can write like you. Some of the most successful … [Read more...]

Authors Increasing Fans With Content

You are going to hear this phrase quite a bit, “Content is king.” Marketing agencies are now hiring content writers, because this has become the most important marketing tool for businesses. In fact, just about every business is adding content employees to write for their website, newsletter, blogs, social media posts, and product description. If you are looking to earn some extra money writing content, here is a list of job titles that you … [Read more...]