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Books To Help Authors

Here is a list of non-fiction books that I feel can help all authors. Some are when I first started as an author, but still relevant today. Each of these books will assist with your career. Author Resource Creating Character Emotions, by Ann Hood 1,818 Ways to Write Better and Get Published, by Scott Edelstein Everyday American English Expressions, by Richard A. Spears, Betty Birner, and Steve Kleinedler On Writing, by Stephen King The … [Read more...]

Validating Your Book

If you are a self-motivating author, then you have the responsibility to decide whether your book is both entertaining and marketable. In traditional publishing, your work will have to pass several tests. Most authors in self-publishing depend on the acceptance, or rejection of their book from the readers. I used to own a board game company. Although I had over twenty games for children and adults, only a few were selected. The first step was … [Read more...]

Ron Knight & David Earl: Fall School Tour

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A Day as an Author

The purpose of this blog is to show you what areas to focus as an author. I realize that most of you cannot dedicate twelve hours a day to your author career. Let me say again, this is to show you what I focus on, so you can do the same. Nevertheless, you may only be able to spend two hours of your day on these items. That is perfectly all right. Here my typical day. 10:00 a.m. I start with social media and emails. Here is the list I … [Read more...]

Sell Fiction Like Non-Fiction, Part Two

We have been discussing how non-fiction books are an easier sell than fiction books. Let’s continue that discussion with a few more ways you can adapt a non-fiction style to your marketing and sales plan. Timely It seems that non-fiction books are published right when people need them most. Or, the content of the book is in unison with what is going on in the news. In short, the book is timely. Subjects like the economy, pinching pennies, and … [Read more...]