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Make Contact

  I rarely discuss what I do during the day in this blog. However, I think it is important for this example to understand how to build your author career. Here is what I did over the last two days. Tuesday My new book, Middle Room, was released. The target audience is tweens. (Fifth through eighth graders. Fourth graders are a possibility as well, because it is late in the school year.) I had a speaking engagement at an … [Read more...]

Will your child grow up to be an author?

If you are an author with children, then you may be wondering if your child will grow up to be an author just like you. Perhaps you know some other children that are showing interest in reading and writing. How can you tell if a child has the gift of becoming an author? Here are the signs to look for. While reading these, reflect on your own childhood and what made you decide to become an author. Attention problems. As a child, the future … [Read more...]

Writing Predictions

If you walked up to a literary agent at a writing conference and said, “I’m looking to sell my first novel,” the agent will probably roll their eyes. (Or at least, think about rolling their eyes.) Why is that? Because the agent already knows what is wrong with your manuscript. In fact, most professionals in the publishing industry know what is wrong with your book in the query letter. How do they know? Because they can predict the value of … [Read more...]