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Improve Your Book: Ten Suggestions

I certainly cannot help you with a book that you have already written and published. However, I can assist you with the redraft of your new book, or the book you are about to write. Below are some quick tips that can help you improve your book right now. First, I do not know what age group you are writing for, or what genre you write in. Nevertheless, I am certain that these suggestions will apply to every author. Imagine that there are … [Read more...]

Net Worth of Bestselling Authors

Did you ever wonder how much authors like Stephen King and J.K. Rowling make? Well, wonder no more. Here is a list of their net worth. I hope someday I can add you to this list. Ken Follett: $45 million. Dan Brown: $100 million. Stephenie Meyer: $125 million. Nora Roberts: $150 million. John Grisham: $200 million. James Patterson: $250 million. Tom Clancy: $300 million. Stephen King: $400 million. Danielle Steel: $610 … [Read more...]

Traditional or Self-Publishing Quiz

“The Great Debate” referrers to traditional publishing versus self-publishing. Some authors believe that traditional publishing will be extinct in a few years, because they refuse to change their business model to focus more on the author. Anyone in traditional publishing right now, despises self-publishing, fearing that everything good and bad is mixed up into one big messy slush pile that readers cannot sift through. Thousands of blogs have … [Read more...]

Authors Elevator Pitch

At the FPRA workshop, Erin McLeod led three classes on creating your elevator pitch. Erin is the Chief Operating Officer for Senior Friendship Centers, Inc., serving six counties in Southwest Florida. She holds a degree in public relations and public speaking from the University of Florida, with intensive coursework in nonprofit management. Erin’s philosophy on today’s elevator pitch covers three main … [Read more...]

Save Bookstores…Save AUTHORS!

There is a scramble in the publishing industry to save bookstores. Why? Because publishers and authors need bookstores. Those that say bookstores should just concede defeat, are the same cynics that are bashing libraries. By the way…we need to save libraries as well. And what else should we save? Hmmm…How about AUTHORS! I suppose the first thing we should consider, is why bookstores are struggling. That’s easy…e-books. Ironically, … [Read more...]