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Author Workout

Reading is the most important training tool of an author. However, there are some other important training tips that will benefit you. The point of these exercises is to get you thinking everyday like an author. Just like a boxer, dancer, musician, and gymnast use different techniques to train, writers need to incorporate several different routines in their Author Workout. And here is the good news: There are no special writing assignments … [Read more...]

Apply To Be An Author

Whether you are trying to sign with a literary agent, traditional publisher, or going with a self-publisher, you need to take the approach as if you are applying for a job. The more you excel in areas that involve being an author, the better chance someone will hire you or simply believe in you. If you understand the skills and duties that are associated with your craft, then you can better understand your strengths and weaknesses. By taking … [Read more...]

All Authors Have it Tough

I belong to a group called, Definitive Serious Writers on LinkedIn. A question was asked, “What was your most embarrassing moment as a writer?” It was good to see authors making fun of themselves after a mistake. Here are some examples. “I was at a book signing with advanced copies on the east coast. I get a frantic call telling me to STOP SELLING. I guess the wrong file got uploaded to the printhouse, and it was only the revised draft, not … [Read more...]

Selling to a Mass Audience

You were inspired to write a story. That inspiration turned into passion, followed by the willingness to fill many blank sheets of papers with your words. You could relate to all the characters, the plot, and the entire storyline. You are both pleased and proud of your effort. You feel blessed to be given such a perfect gift.  You are brave enough to show your closest family and friends. They enjoyed your book and encouraged you to write … [Read more...]

Ron Knight’s 100th Blog

Welcome to my 100th Blog. I dedicate this to all the authors who are trying to make it in the tough world of publishing. Here are their stories... Not much had changed since the fire. Long before she set foot inside, she could smell the residual stench of those who hadn’t made it out in time. After spending nearly six years at Taunton Lunatic Asylum, it had become the only place Avery Norton truly felt at home, despite the fact that it had … [Read more...]