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Public Speaking and Writing: The Same Process

I’ve crashed and burned in a few speaking engagements. If you think about it, the real fear of public speaking is not that you are terrified of going in front of thirty people or even three hundred. The true fear is if you fail in front of everyone. When that happens, you have no place to hide. Should being an author have the same kind of impact? There are authors who will not stand in front of an audience, fearing that the speech will not be … [Read more...]

Can You Tell the Difference?

Below are five paragraphs from authors. Some are just starting out, some have been on the bestsellers list. Can you tell the difference? Grab a scratch piece of paper and number it 1-5. Place a check-mark by the author you think has been on the bestsellers list. If you have time, tell us your answers in the comment section.  Author One: Michael Redford died on his seventeenth birthday – the night Eddie picked him up off the street, shot him … [Read more...]

Which Authors Sold Millions?

Literary Agents and publishers claim they can tell if a book has potential with just a glance. “Either you got it or you don’t,” is a common phrase. Let’s do a little experiment. I am going to mix up authors that have sold millions of books, with authors that are still looking to break through. Can you tell the difference?  Get a scratch piece of paper and number it from 1-20. Put a checkmark by the author that you think has sold millions. At … [Read more...]

What Should The Publishing Industry Really Say?

Let me invite you to the Fictitious Writing Conference, live on Ron Knight’s blog. Our panel today includes: Mr. Big Six, who represents most of the power in publishing. We also have Miss Traditional Publisher, Mr. Self-Publisher, Mrs. Literary Agent, Mr. Chain Bookstore, and Mrs. Author. Thank you all for coming. Let’s open it up for some say-whatever-is-really-on-your-mind-Q&A.  Knight: “Mr. Big Six, why don't you consider authors that … [Read more...]

A Patient Author Succeeds

Every author has been told that patience is a necessity, but has anyone really explained to you why that is important? The word patient can usually be found in a rejection letter. “We are very sorry, but your book is not for us. Stay patient and your time will come.”  Before I breakdown areas in which an author’s patience is tested, take a look at these other words that identify how authors succeed:  Endurance, staying power, tolerance, … [Read more...]