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E-Books verses Brick & Mortar

In 2010, negotiations between authors/agents and publishers heated up over the royalty on e-books. Finally, it was agreed that authors should receive 25% royalty, which is much higher than a printed book. This 25% would be for all back-list titles. But what about the front list titles as we move forward?  Publishers have claimed that the 25% royalty is not sustainable.  Why are publishers saying this? “There are more options for authors to … [Read more...]

Lisa Schilling

Here is some inspiration from Lisa Schilling that I think you will enjoy. Lisa caught my attention about eight months ago. She is one of the hardest working authors around, doing all the right things for promotion. Lisa's publicist is Lynnelle Mays. Each day is like a work of art, our every action & choice become like the stroke of a brush. What we see & think about the day is filtered through the perspective from … [Read more...]

How to Sell 100 Million Books

I think it is so fascinating that there are over eighty authors that have sold 100 million books or more. I believe most of these authors had (and still have) ten fingers, ten toes, a couple hands, and a brain. They also had the imaginative gift to entertain others.  Does this sound like you? If so, then maybe someday you can join the 100 Million Club. Here is the good news. There’s not some secret formula these authors uncovered. I’ll tell … [Read more...]

Interview with David Earl

“What is your definition of success?” My definition of success is being able to earn a living with my books and characters. “Why have you been given the gift of writing stories?” I don’t know why I can write stories the way I do, but I do believe that everyone has something they are naturally good at - I think writing is my thing. “How much time do you spend reading each day?" I don’t read each day; I read when the feeling hits me, and … [Read more...]

Changes in 2011

We keep hearing about big changes in the publishing industry. Not everything will be changing, so as an author, you need to keep up on the latest trends. And speaking of trends, remember that e-books only account for 5%-25% of publishers book sales.  Here are things to watch out for in 2011, so you can put yourself in a position to succeed.  Mid-Size Publishers  Forget about the “Big Six.” (The Big Six referrers to the largest publishers … [Read more...]