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Ron Knight’s, Top 50 Facebook Authors!

To make this list, these authors had to catch my attention at some point over the year. To be on the top of the list, the author had to keep my attention. As an author, that is your goal for social media. If I noticed you, then someone else in the publishing industry may have noticed you as well. There were over 7,000 choices. Here are the top 50… 50. Vincent Zandri: The Remains. “Everyone from agents to editors to your own mother are … [Read more...]

Public Relations for Authors

There is a difference between your marketing plan and your public relations plan. When you are an author, marketing focuses more on your target audience, what your fans want to read, how to locate and sell to those fans. PR is focused on building relationships, networking, getting you next to agents and publishers.  I look at it this way. Marketing concentrates on the overall plan. Public Relations concentrates on the details of that … [Read more...]

e-Book Promotions

Publishers and other companies like Amazon are using e-book advertising to increase revenue. This drives me nuts, but I understand the world is shifting in that direction. In fact, you can play video games, book trailers, and have detailed information about the author with each e-book. I am far from an expert for the new e-book craze, since I like books with actual pages. At the same time, I won't fight development and opportunities for … [Read more...]

Bad Advice for Authors

If you are looking for guidance on becoming an author, let me tell you that there are plenty of people giving bad advice. Also, most “experts” say they know the publishing industry well enough, but leave you with cliché suggestions that really will not help. Here are some random examples, so you know what to look for: The A-B-C's of Writing a Best Seller, by Michael Basden A) Relationships - Before you can write a good book, your life must … [Read more...]

To Christmas, From Author

Dear Christmas:  I know that you only come once a year. It is a time for giving and receiving, new starts and remembering how much love we have inside of us. There is a wish that has been plaguing my heart for many years. I say plaguing, because it seems that my wish will not come true.  There is a gift I want. A gift I think about daily. It is a dream that was placed gently into my heart.  I want to be an author.  I am asking for the … [Read more...]