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Traits of an Author

Career authors, have certain characteristics. You need specific qualities and moral strength. A distinctive reputation with an extraordinary personality. Start right now to be the kind of author that every agent and publisher is looking for.  Trait Of course, every human should be trustworthy, honest, loving, and care for others. An important trait all authors need is patience. Unlike most industries, the publishing world moves at a snails … [Read more...]

You are an Author

5% of authors in the world make enough money that they do not need another job. 15% of authors are talented and motivated. They are just a couple steps away from being in the 5% range. 80% of authors do not respect the craft. Which are you? I can bet a nickel right now that you are in the 15% range. When I write these blogs, I know I’m helping authors with talent and motivation. Sure, I have a few of the 5% stop by once in awhile to remind … [Read more...]

Use Everthing in Your Book

I believe that every page and every word in a book should be used to tell the story. That includes the title page, your dedication, the chapters, page numbers, and the "About the Author." Do not waste an inch of your book. Dedication Most authors dedicate the book to a spouse, child, friend, their agent, manager, or even the editor. I've never dedicated my book to someone, because so many people have stood by my side and so many work hard … [Read more...]


One of the biggest downfalls of authors is how much they have to wait. If you send in a query letter to an agent or publisher, you have to wait. If you have someone proof read your manuscript, you have to wait. If you send an email, asking an author to give you some advice, you have to wait. Waiting can be a killer for authors. In fact, waiting can destroy your hopes and dreams. You have time to think about where you are and what you have been … [Read more...]

Query Letter Advice

Let me be honest. I have never enjoyed writing query letters. Nevertheless, if you want to “play the game,” you need to introduce yourself using this document. There are so many opinions on how to write a query letter, which may confuse you. You know my motto: “Keep it simple.”  The Letter Make sure your letter is professional, sensible, and fast-paced. Keep it one page. Design your own letterhead; minimal and … [Read more...]