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e-Book Traps

Slow down for a minute. I know e-books are the next great thing in publishing. However, the market is growing fast, Amazon is hungry, literary agents are changing, and publishers are struggling. Author's need to understand that there are e-book traps. First, let's start with those of you who have been published traditionally. In all standard publishing contracts, it states that the publisher has "electronic rights." Does that mean the … [Read more...]

Author Quiz

How well do you know other author's and what they are writing? It is important to know others in the publishing industry and the kinds of books that are being published. Just for fun, test your skills and match the title of the book, to the  author. Grab a piece of scratch paper and have some fun! Once you have matched all the titles/authors, check the bottom of the blog for the answers. Good luck! 1. "The … [Read more...]


One of the things that drives me crazy about some books is the "fluff." This is when an author inserts story lines, or scenes that have nothing to do with the overall plot. Author's do this so they can page fill their manuscript. New authors are probably not aware of the fluff in their manuscript. However, there are some seasoned authors who use fluff to get their page count over the 350 page mark. In that case, you can find the fluff around … [Read more...]

Problems with the Writer’s Market?

I go out of my way to make sure all my blogs encourage authors. However, I have a serious problem with the 2010 Writer's Market. This should be a major resource for authors, especially those just starting out. Instead, the 2010 Writer's Market is littered with mistakes. We keep the latest copy of the Writer's Market on hand for several reasons: * To assist authors in finding the best literary agent, publisher, and writers … [Read more...]

Build An Audience

Author's from the 80's, 90's, and the 2000's need to build an audience. It is the only way to put yourself in a position of success. The more people who know you and read your book, the better chance you have to sell that book. Let me repeat something I just said, because you may not have registered it: "to put yourself in a position of success." If you do not write a terrific story with even better mechanics, then all the people in the world … [Read more...]