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Overcoming Odd’s: Part II

Fiction authors who are selling millions of books, had to overcome great odds to reach that point of success. No one can short-cut the publishing process. No one can just write a great book and hope for the best. Authors need to be humble, determined, and humbled some more. * After his first novel was rejected by many publishers, he was finally signed by Wynwood Press, who only ran 5,000 copies of his book. He sold the book from the trunk … [Read more...]

Literary Agents v.s. Publishers

It wasn't that many blogs ago when I said, "Literary agents and traditional publishers are working together. Authors need to do the same." Well, this is how fast the publishing industry is changing. Literary agents are now fed up with traditional publishers. The following information was taken from the BEA Conference. The topic was, "Value of Books." Keep in mind, they were not discussing the words written inside the books, but rather what … [Read more...]

10 Manuscript Speed Tips

If the reader has a sense that your book is moving along with a fast pace, that will intensify the story. It will also be harder for your readers to put the book down. If they read your book in a few days, then you just picked up another fan. Here are 10 ways to increase the speed of your manuscript. Keep in mind that the words will be pretty much the same in your story. The only thing that you are changing is how those words are … [Read more...]

First 2 Lines

How you start a book off, will determine the flow of the entire manuscript. Here are some authors that showed great courage to submit their first 2 lines. Please comment on your favorites and give constructive feedback. "Dan 'Scarecrow' Burnside sat facing the locum at the Doctor's Surgery. His usual GP was absent today, but the man sitting before him looked strangely familiar, in fact he was probably the happiest and jolliest Doctor he'd ever … [Read more...]

Overcome the Odds

Every author has a story. I'm not just talking about the words that are printed in the manuscript, but also the background of the author. Most bestsellers are written by authors who went through humbling experiences. Read these examples and think about them whenever you have doubts. * She was persuaded by her sister to send the manuscript to a literary agent. The whole story was because of a silly dream, but she wrote it and now her sister … [Read more...]