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Talented Authors

I had talked about "The Perfect Author." Well, here is "The Perfect Circle": Authors need Literary Agents, Literary Agents need Publishers, Publishers need Bookstores, Bookstores need Readers, Readers need Authors. This is how the publishing industry should work. However, that is not the case. Somewhere along the line, "The Perfect Circle" has been broken. Not only broken, but smashed to pieces. Who would do such a thing? You may not like the … [Read more...]

Inspirtation for Authors

Print this list and read it when you need confidence: * I am not going to waste my gift. * The world needs my book. * Everyday, I will do something to fulfill my dream. * My experiences, good and bad, will be useful in my books. * The only person that can stop me from becoming a published author is me. * I will adjust my ways of writing as I learn from the best in the publishing industry. * Looking back over the last five … [Read more...]

The Big Six

Who is publishing books? 80% of the books you see in stores are from what is called, "The Big Six." They are: Random House, Penguin, HarperCollins, Holtzbrinck, Time Warner, and Simon & Schuster. Since new authors will not land one of the big six on their first shot, there are 4,000 medium publishers, who split the last 20% of the market with 85,000 small publishers and self-publishers. How do authors get their book on the shelf next … [Read more...]

Books For Authors

You can tell a lot about a person by what they read. I have this weird habit of keeping track of every single book I've read since I was in grade school. For one reason or another, these books helped with my career as an author. Maybe they will help you as well? Here are the top 30 on my list of non-fiction books: 30.  "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," by Harold S. Kushner. Lesson: Authors will be humbled from time-to-time. We need … [Read more...]

Publishing Terms

You need to speak the Language in the publishing industry so you can understand what the heck everyone is talking about. Here is a cheat sheet. "AAP" Association of American Publishers. The industry association of book publishers, primarily the larger ones. "Advance" Money's paid to the author prior to publication. These days, it is common for advances to be given as royalties, based on the number of advanced copies that were … [Read more...]