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Books: Market Research

When writing a book, it's good to think about your intended audience. The absolute best way to do this, is to ask.  I am lucky to have four children. Whenever I start a children's or tween book, I ask their advice. To help my fellow authors, here is what my children said what they like about books. Remember, I did not coach them or help them with their answers. I just asked a simple question: "What makes a good book?" Zach Knight (Age … [Read more...]

James Patterson And You: Marketing

You are writing books. That's a good start. You understand that to become a great author, it takes time. Very good. You are aware that you have ten fingers, two eyes, a brain, and imagination, just like James Patterson. Perfect. Now, it is time to let the world know who you are. For marketing, authors can learn from James "Patterns." (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.) Here is the best advice you will ever receive... When Patterson decided to … [Read more...]

James Patterson And You: Part I

We hear all the time about James Patterson and his success. For example, he was given a $150 million advance for a 17 book deal. Patterson owns a home worth $17.4 million. Is Patterson lucky? Or is he just like you? After reading how Patterson became one of the top authors in the world, I am convinced that any author can take a similar path. In this two-part blog, think about what Patterson did and how you can learn from him. Patterson was … [Read more...]

First Lines

Remember, the first line is the most important sentence in your book. Here are some great examples. "Thank God he was still asleep." Smoke Screen, by Sandra Brown. "The monster was holed up somewhere in the church, and the agent knew he finally had him." Level 26, by Anthony E. Zuiker. "I hate funerals." Chanukah Guilt, by Rabbi Ilene Schneider, Ed.D. "A serial rapist … [Read more...]

Author Wisdom

Here are a few words of wisdom for author's. Enjoy! "There is reality and fiction. In a novel, the reader should not be able to figure out the difference." "Routine and tradition is the world's way of saying we are not permitted to change. Thank goodness authors are Untraditional." "Author's will be judged on what their books did for others, not what their books did for themselves." "It is impossible to feel 100% comfortable and be an … [Read more...]