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An Author’s Schedule

How can you find the time to be an author? I always believed that if you really wanted to write, it would happen. If you want to read, you will read. If you want to market, you will take the time. If you want to be published, you will do everything it takes to succeed.  Most author’s have full-time jobs and family obligations. Distractions can hold off talented writers from ever finishing their book. To make it worse, it seems impossible to … [Read more...]

Building Your Confidence

Whenever you are feeling dejected, read these words. This is all about you! I am not going to waste my gifts. The world needs my books. Everyday, I will do something to realize my dreams. My experience, good or bad, will be useful in my books. The only person that can stop me from becoming an author is me. I will make the necessary adjustments to improve my writing and author career. Experience = Wisdom. I am not going to regret … [Read more...]

Authors Personality

“Authors Personality” Authors can relate to each other like no one else. We support each other through the writing of books, marketing, and publishing. Authors never punch the time clock. The day turns into night, while our imagination continues to flourish. Break tradition. Write about what you fear the most. Do not write everyday. Let the story build in your mind. Write about what you do not know. This will take more research, but … [Read more...]

Great Quotes for Authors

In the dictionary, it is stated that quotes “appeal to an author or book.” Here are some of my favorite quotes. Use these for motivation, knowledge, and enjoyment. “Most people don’t realize that writing is a craft. You have to take your apprenticeship in it like anything else.” Katherine Ann Porter “We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle “(Traditional) Publishers don’t nurse you. They buy and sell you.” PD James “People say that … [Read more...]

Advice for Every Author or Want to be Author

Three decisions I made, changed my life as an author. First: I decided to help other authors, even at the expense of my own career. Second: I began writing books for clubs, churches, and schools, in addition to my own novels. Third: I decided to build an audience through networking and supporting others. I can sum up in one word what I decided to do: Service. This took years of getting past my own needs and focusing on the needs of … [Read more...]