14 Facts About Romance Books

MCS BLOG 22Do you write romance books? Here are some facts that every romance author should know about their readers. This is the key to your marketing success!

~ 53% of all mass market paperback books sold in the United States are romances, earning more money each year than major league baseball. (Source: Lynda Lee Schab)

~ The average word count for the top selling romance books on Smashwords is 112,195. (Source: Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords.)

Best cities for romance books in which the main character finds a loving partner. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

~ Colorado Springs, CO

~ El Paso, TX

~ Louisville, KY

~ Fort Worth, TX

~ San Antonio, TX

Best cities for romance books with a target audience focused on dating singles. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

~ Detroit, MI

~ Los Angeles, CA
~ New York, NY

~ Miami, FL

~ Memphis, TN

Best cities for romance books with a target audience focused on single females. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

~ Memphis, TN

~ Jacksonville, FL

~ Fort Worth, TX

~ Charlotte, NC

~ Richmond, TN

Best cities for romance books with a storyline that focuses on love before anything else. (Source: United States Census)

~ Hilo, Hawaii

~ Gardena, California

~ Rye, New York

~ Dublin, Ohio

~ Beaverton, Oregon

Best cities for romance books with a storyline that has a dramatic and/or sad ending. (Source: United States Census)

~ Ottawa, Ohio

~ Ferdinand, Indiana

~ Breese, Illinois

~ Melrose, Minnesota

~ Kiel, Wisconsin

Other facts about a romantic target audience.

~ 42% of New Yorker’s would rather spend New Year’s Eve quietly at home with a romantic partner. Authors that write romance should develop a marketing campaign that brings couples together on New Year’s Eve reading a book together! (Source: American Express)

~ It’s possible to die from a broken heart. The condition is called, Stress Cardiomyopathy. (Source: On the Write Track)

~ 50% of Indian cultures would marry without love, but only 2% of Japanese cultures would marry someone they didn’t love. (Source: The Social Animal)

~ 89% of people do not believe in love at first sight. (Source: The Social Animal)

~ According to studies, opposites don’t attract. Most men and women fall in love with individuals that have the same ethnic background, social experiences, religion, education, economic background, similar physical attractiveness, comparable intelligence, similar attitudes, similar expectations, values, interests, and similar communication skills. (Source: The New Psychology of Love by Helen Fisher)

~ 40% of people who are rejected romantically slip into clinical depression. (Source: On the Write Track)

~ Men that kiss their wives in the morning live an average of 5 years longer than men who don’t kiss their wives in the morning. (Source: Lynda Lee Schab)

If you know the facts about your target audience, you can write more detailed books and create a loyal fan base.

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