110 Tips for Authors: 91-100

MCS BLOG 1Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

91: On your email, setup the “signature” so it automatically shows the title of your book and where to purchase it. Also on your email signature you should have your Facebook and Twitter links. Email Signatures = Sales

92: Place other authors on your website and you on theirs. Sharing Fans = Sales.

93: Ask one of the local students who are aspiring to be a journalist to interview you. Post that interview on your website and send it to local newspapers and magazines. At the very least, have the student submit it into their school paper. Student Journalism = Sales.

94: If a solicitor comes to your door, hand them a bookmark and give them your best pitch. Soliciting Solicitors = Amusement.

95: Work out a deal with your kids that you will split the royalty for every book they sell in school. Or, make a deal that you will give your kids twenty bucks if they convince their teacher to bring you in for a speaking engagement. Deals With Your Children = Sales.

96: Contact any business in your area that sells to your target audience. Work out a promotional deal with them to advertise their business and sell products/services together. Promotional Deals With Local Businesses = Sales.

97: Schedule speaking engagements with your appropriate audience. Make sure your topic is benefiting the audience. Speaking Engagements = Sales.

98: Television is the destroyer of authors. If you want to sell 100 million books, then you need to limit your time in front of the tube and spend more time reading and writing.

99: Overcoming fears and weaknesses will shape your career as an author. Some common weaknesses for authors can be public speaking, business management, and marketing knowledge.

100: Most authors start off broke. In fact, the greatest authors in history were at one time, poor. Since there’s no money to do anything else, you have more time to read and write books.

“Authors should know everything that literary agents, editors, and publishers know.” ~ Ron Knight

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