110 Tips for Authors: 61-70

MCS BLOG 8Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

61: Decide today if you are on social media to sell books, or to share personal information with a random audience.

62: In the “Special Features” of DVD’s, discover how writers and producers come up with the ideas for the movie and how they created crucial scenes.

63: Be able to describe your book in 20 words or less. Have it ready for any time it comes up.

64: Budget at least $50-$250 a month for marketing rather than attempting a free marketing plan which doesn’t work for any business in the world.

For a detailed one year marketing plan, visit 12 Month Author Marketing Plan.

65: All content that you post on the Internet and social media should have a message to reach your target audience.

66: Power Sentences are used just like the first and last line in your manuscript. It is a way to hook a reader and increase the speed of your book. Use power sentences at the beginning of the chapter, in key areas throughout the chapter, just before a page break, and at the end of the chapter.

67: Flashbacks tend to slow a book down and become confusing. If flashbacks are necessary to the story, then make sure the reader knows what is going on right away. If the reader does not realize it is a flashback in the first line, then fix it.

68: Go to a business-networking meeting and tell everyone you’re an author. Usually, these meetings let you stand up and give a thirty-second commercial. This will help you with public speaking and give you the confidence to describe your book in quick fashion. Also, you never know who will attend a meeting.

69: Send a glossy postcard to someone in your target audience, or send a postcard to a decision leader in your target audience. (Bookstore manager, group leader in a book club, teacher, etc…)

70: Write in different genres rather than limiting your talents.

“Humbled authors have the most success.” ~ Ron Knight

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