110 Tips for Authors: 21-30

A MCS BLOG 11Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

21: Invest funding into a marketing plan that gives you the maximum benefit and the best opportunity to sell books.

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22: If someone gave you five random magazines, then you should be able to use that information in those magazines to create an entertaining story and possibly a new marketing approach.

23: Advertisement at a local movie theater will give you maximum promotion and the cost is usually low.

24: No video book trailer should go over two minutes. Every second you spend over two minutes is another chance to lose your audience.

25: There’s so much potential for an author to team up with a musician, actor, and artist in which all four are working together for a common goal. Just start bouncing ideas off each other and success will follow.

26: Donate a book to every school library in your targeted cities. If the students begin discussing your book, then you will increase book sales and your fan base.

27: Schools that are struggling to raise money may let you advertise for a small fee. This could be a poster in the hallway, or bookmarks that are sent home with report cards.

28: Write letters to libraries and send with a copy of your book, asking to be on their catalogue list. If they accept you, thousands of people will see your book and visit your website.

29: Readers judge your book on whether or not it benefited their lives in some way. Market that benefit to your target audience.

30: Market fiction novels the same way non-fiction authors market books.

“The world has a knack for testing authors to see how committed they are.” ~ Ron Knight

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