110 Tips for Authors: 11-20

A MCS Blogs 1Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

11: You should have a book with you at all times and read whenever you have a lull. You can read for just 9 minutes a day and improve your chances of wealth by achieving unique ideas to write and market books!

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12: Think about how you publish books and consider something that no one else is doing. For example, publish mini-versions of your book rather than one large version. The cost per book is lower, but you will make more money per story.

13: Do something that no one else is doing in marketing. Do authors avoid billboards in your city? Then advertise on billboards. Do authors think social media is the way to market? Then send flyers to local reading organizations. Be unique!

14: Read 30-50 books a year. Make sure to read fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, marketing, business, or even books that are collecting dust on library shelves. Read a variety of books instead of watching a variety of television.

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15: Do something that no one else is doing when writing stories. By using a couple of one-word chapters, would you have a unique book?

16: Hire theatre actors to perform chapters of your book at events.

17: Turn your book into a high school play and promote around the country. If a theatre program uses your play, then they will purchase your book.

18: Publishing is a way to package and distribute your books, but it’s not your ultimate success plan. There’s all kinds of ways to earn money as an author and different business models to get your books sold to a large audience.

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19: If you do go the traditional publishing route, remember that you are giving publishers greatness, rather than them giving you greatness.

20: Use your time wisely as if every minute of the day represents a thousand dollars.

“Every author has a unique talent that must be presented in a unique way so that the author can separate themselves from the herd of average writers.” ~ Ron Knight

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