110 Tips for Authors: 1-10

A MCS BLOG 3Do you need tips or advice on improving your author career? Read on!

1: Save yourself time and money by marketing to cities that have the highest population of your ideal target reader.

2: Market to higher educated cities and with mid to high income levels. These cities are filled with people that purchase 20-25 books a year.

3: Offer a free download of your book. This is the gateway to building a large fan base.

4: Read your manuscript aloud. If you stutter, so will the reader.

5: Develop a reading program to go along with your books. Reading Programs = Book Sales.

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6: Never use a “shotgun” approach to marketing. Go after a specific target audience in ideal cities that you will have the best chance to succeed.

7: Save yourself 10 years of developing a marketing technique by having a professional agency market your books for you, even if you start off with a $200 a month budget.

8: 1,000 loyal fans + loyal fans spending $4.50 a month purchasing your books/products = $54,000 a year. (That’s all you need is 1,000 highly motivated fans!)

9: If your book is referred to a film producer, rather than you pitching your book, your chances of film adaptation increases by a thousand percent. Send out printed copies and get your book noticed!

10: Write short bursting paragraphs and chapters. By doing this, you can write a chapter a day and have a first draft completed in 3 months and possibly 2-4 new books a year.

“If everyone agrees with you, then your idea isn’t original.” ~ Ron Knight

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